The treatment of gynaecological disorders has a long-term tradition in Františkovy Lázně, with extremely good results. This is confirmed by the volumes of thank-you letters with photographs of new-born children that our treatment wards receive regularly. Every such letter makes us extremely happy, and we know that our work is worthwhile. After all, the town mascot - Little František – in fact alludes to the treatment of women with primary and secondary infertility, which represent a significant share of our patients. And the name Pawlik contained in the name Spa Resort PAWLIK–AQUAFORUM**** also refers to Dr Pawlik, a prominent Czech gynaecologist, and the founder of Czech obstetrics. Of course, the spectrum of diagnoses treated is much wider - treatment after gynaecological surgery, treatment of chronic gynaecological inflammations, functional disorders, disorders of ovarian functions, etc.

We solely utilise the natural therapeutic resources of Františkovy Lázně for treatment. Especially the local sulphuric-ferrous peat has salutary effects when applied in the form of vaginal tampons (only so-called virginal peat is used) and peat baths or packs, which improve the blood circulation to the female reproductive system. This procedure significantly reduces the risk of developing post-operative and post-inflammatory adhesions and reduces the risk of sterility - infertility. Nature, in our case, the unique peat specifically, also helps those women who have to date undergone an unsuccessful treatment in a centre of assisted reproduction. For this reason, the spa is recommended to women before undergoing another attempt at artificial insemination.

The objective of spa stays for treating gynaecological disorders is primarily to establish an equilibrium between body and mind and to harmonise processes in terms of the functioning of the whole body. Aside from the aforementioned peat, we also utilise the therapeutic effective of the Františkovy Lázně mineral water, which is applied in the form of vaginal irrigations, and of the spring gas, applied in the form of sitz baths with a high content of carbon dioxide. These procedures adjust the blood circulation to the female reproductive system and gently support the treatment of gynaecological disorders. Selected mineral springs are also prescribed for drinking cures. An integral part of the treatment plan is also effective exercise, focused on each gynaecological indication, such as, for example, the famous Mojžíšová method.

Irrespective of the cause, sterility is always the problem of the couple as a whole. We offer infertile women the option of being accommodated along with their partners, for whom we will gladly prepare a full-fledged therapeutic programmes aimed at improving the blood circulation to the male reproductive system to improve the results of spermiograms.


  • Sterility and infertility (primary and secondary sterility based on inflammation and functional disorders, Abortus habitualis)
  • Disorders of the ovarian functions and uterine developments
  • Inflammatory diseases of the inner genitals and their consequences
  • Post-operative states after gynaecological surgery and surgery of the pelvis minor area (e.g., appendectomy)
  • Functional disorders (e.g., painful and irregular menstruation, menopause)

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  • Peat bath or peat pack - so-called “knickers”, including the ensuing cleansing shower and dry wrap
  • Vaginal peat tampons, and the following vaginal irrigation (usually combined with a peat pack or peat bath)
  • Vaginal irrigation using mineral water
  • Carbon dioxide sitz bath
  • Gynaecological exercises
  • Carbon baths or baths with additives
  • Full-body whirlpool bath
  • Massages - classic, reflexive, underwater
  • Group gas bath, pneumo punctures (gas injections)
  • Physical therapy
  • Yoga

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  • The combination and frequency of procedures is determined by the physician during the initial physical exam according to the current health of the patient.
  • The treatment plan usually consists of 18 procedures per week that consist of main and accompanying procedures.
  • The patient should undergo no more than one main procedure daily.
Our experts in the following spa hotels specialise in gynaecological disorders:
Accommodation in other hotels is possible, however, the treatment will take place under the supervision of specialists at the specialised workplaces, and you will need to commute to them.
Of course, spa therapeutic rehabilitation care has certain contraindications that can prevent treatment. You can find a detailed description of them here.

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This treatment programme is provided by the following spa hotels:


An exceptional spa resort. 150 years of tradition, luxurious accommodation, own forest park, the largest spa aqua park, a modern spa clinic, and the historical Imperial Spa - all combined into one harmonious whole with an unrepeatable atmosphere. Come to us for your exceptional stay.


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