Over the centuries, spas have shown to be a proven path of caring for your health - not only your physical health. Several days of genuine spa life are truly a balsam for the fragile human spirit, especially in today’s unstable, ever-hurried world. Whether you need to recuperate after an operation, help with a specific health issue, or just to thoroughly rest and regain new strength, you will surely not be disappointed by Františkovy Lázně.


There is a whole range of illnesses and disorders that bring people to Františkovy Lázně. And it is far from just pining for a baby. Not only infertility is treated in Františkovy Lázně, but also disorders of the locomotor system or cardiovascular system, or dermatological disorders. Last, but not least, we also specialise in the aftercare of patients who underwent trying oncological treatment and operations. The cornerstone of each therapeutic stay is the traditional Františkovy Lázně treatment based on solely using local natural resources of the highest quality. So that the treatment will have the best possible result, it is always tailor-made to the patient based on a thorough physical examination.

Are you wondering what the Františkovy Lázně treatment consists of? This is a precise recipe that describes in detail the treatment of all health issues with all their specifics. It determines which procedures and in what intensity a client should undergo, what natural resources and to what degree they should be applied, and how long the treatment should last. The Františkovy Lázně treatment is available only in selected spa hotels in Františkovy Lázně. Therefore, when selecting your spa stay, make sure that the given facilities truly do offer the Františkovy Lázně treatment and that they guarantee its quality. Only thus will the maximum effectiveness of the treatment be assured for you.


1. Local natural therapeutic resources
When it comes to Františkovy Lázně, these include the unique sulphuric-ferrous peat, numerous mineral springs, the dry thermal spring gas, and the exceptional environment of the town itself - Františkovy Lázně can boast of exceptionally clean air, over 500 hectares of greenery and extensive, flat-terrain parks, and overall, the town has a very peaceful and unrepeatable atmosphere reminiscent of the century-before-last.

2. Proven and effective procedures and recipes
The quality, extent, and components of each procedure are absolute key for achieving the desired effect on your health. The guarantee of the high quality and effect is the centuries-verified Františkovy Lázně treatment, which is prescribed by experienced physicians individually, customised to the patient’s needs. Part of the Františkovy Lázně treatment can also be the unique peat bath according to the original recipe of Františkovy Lázně, offered here only by the balneological facilities of the historical Imperial Spa building.

3. First-rate physicians, physical therapists, nurses, and other expert healthcare staff
People who know how to help you thanks to their many years of experience. An experienced spa physician can meaningfully combine natural treatments with the procedures of modern medicine, thus significantly boosting the effects of the natural medicine. This can often include suitable massages, exercises, physical therapy, but also the use of the most modern technology, such as lasers, electromagnets, or cryotherapy.